6 Thai Barbecue Venues

Barbequed food is one of the most popular types of food for Thais and foreigners alike in Pattaya. You will find numerous Thai barbeque venues around the city, where customers tend to cook their own food as well as the chain stores such as MK Restaurants along with street barbeques. On our list, we have selected just six of the most popular Thai barbeque venues in the city, but we are sure that you will have your favourites and we would be delighted to hear about them.

BBQ Prime Time

BBQ Prime Time is now located on Soi Made in Thailand having previously been located off Thepprasit Road. Officially they describe themselves as an Australian style barbeque, but it is very similar to may Thai barbeques, just they cook the food for you. It is slightly more expensive as a result, but they use the finest ingredients. BBQ Prime serves the usual ribs, satay and other offal style food as well as some item that is designed more for western taste buds.

Kat Thong Restaurant

The Kat Thong Restaurant is located at Rompho Market in Jomtien and is another typically Thai barbeque venue. In part due to its location and part due to the quality of the food, Kat Thong is very popular with Thais, ex-pats and tourists. You get a genuine feel for “real Thailand” while being in a mostly western area.

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Al Mukata

Al Mukata is arguably one of the best Thai Barbeque experiences and is located on Soi AR close to the Hollywood Disco. It is a venue where you cook your food but is slightly more upmarket than some of the other places in the area. There is a wide selection of meats, poultry, fish and seafood as well as fresh vegetables. It is very reasonably priced and always proves to be very popular, but thankfully it is a large venue.

Nai Por

Nai Por is another of the more upmarket Thai barbeque venues and can be found on North Pattaya Road, close to the bus station. Like Al Mukata, they have an extensive range of meats and vegetables available, so it appeals to most people. Sadly, it isn’t the same size as Al Mukata and is often full as it represents excellent value for money with high-quality food.

Ninja Barbeque Buffet

Ninja Barbeque Buffet is located on Pattaya 3rd Road in North Pattaya and is a well known Thai barbeque venue. It is extremely popular with Thais and other predominantly Asian tourists and serves excellent food which is a very good value for money. Ninja is particularly popular in between 6pm and 9pm so this is worth considering if you are planning on visiting.

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Thai Lan, Thai Barbeque

Located on Soi 18, Pattaya 2nd Road, Thai Lan is a more typical Thai barbeque where you choose your own ingredients and cooked them yourselves at your table. They have the usual pork, chicken, fish and some seafood available along with a vast selection of vegetables. It is a very typically Thai venue and is best suited to those who want more of an authentic experience.

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