7 Advantages of Being Able to Speak Some Thai

Most people who live in Thailand can speak a little bit of Thai, enough to be able to order food and get from A to B. However, this is where it ends for a many meaning that they don’t get the most from their time in the Kingdom. Sure, this is fine amongst your own friends and in some environments, but you may be limited to who and what you can talk about. Here are 7 advantages to being able to speak some Thai.

In Relationships

There is a good chance that during your stay in Thailand you will enter into a relationship of some form. Whilst the language barriers may seem amusing at first, almost quirky, over time they will create barriers and problems with misunderstandings becoming commonplace. If you can communicate openly with each other and both parties understand each other, the chances of the relationship succeeding increase and both of you will be far happier. Not being able to speak any Thai will put a huge limit on the people that you can meet and form a relationship with.

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Integrating Into Society

This is perhaps something that frequently gets overlooked, but it is very hard to integrate in a country if you can’t speak the language. On a day to day basis there will be things that you will want and need and if you can’t convey those needs you will start to encounter problems and frustrations will inevitably build. You may wish to ask for something in a shop, talk to a neighbour or discuss things with your partner’s family, all things that may be impossible if you can’t speak any Thai.

Greater Appreciation

Even with people who can speak English, the chances are that you will be appreciated far more even if you can only speak a little bit of Thai. You are showing that you are making the effort and that you want to fit in in a country where essentially you are an alien. Appreciating different languages and cultures will hold you in good stead for the future.


We all want to build friendships, but this is something that can be quite difficult if we can’t speak the language. Simply chatting and joining in conversations in the workplace, in a shop and even at home becomes difficult if you don’t understand what is being said. If you can speak the native language you will be able to expand your social circle and will reap the rewards as a result.

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Helps in Business

Depending on your age, there is a good chance that you will need to earn a living when in Thailand. This becomes increasingly difficult if you can’t speak to local people and will restrict the opportunities that are open to you. It is highly unlikely that you will only work with ‘foreigners’ so you will need to be able to converse with locals in order to make your business successful.


Being able to speak Thai will give you far more independence in the country. You won’t constantly need the assistance of others or need to rely on other people to help you. This will build your self-esteem and generally make things a lot easier. Many doors that had previously been closed with now be open to you.


Tied in with the point above, greater freedom and independence will give you far more satisfaction. This will help you to feel more fulfilled – something that we all want to achieve.

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