Top 6 Chinese restaurants in Pattaya (2021)

We can sample foods from all corners of the world through various international restaurants in Pattaya. Therefore it is not surprising, especially with the number of Chinese nationals and Chinese/Thai residents that Pattaya welcomes, to find some excellent Chinese restaurants in the city. Many serve authentic Chinese food whilst others favour cuisine with more of a western slant. Whichever your preference, you can be sure that you will discover one that caters to your taste from our 6 of the best in town.

Yi Pin Lou Chinese Restaurant

Yi Pin Lou located on Pattaya 3rd Road on the stretch between Pattaya Klang and Nua at the junction with Chalermphrakiat 6. It has quite an upmarket feel to it, with a fountain superbly positioned in the centre of the room. There are also round tables that have a central spinning section ideal for food sharing. Cantonese & Szechuan dishes can all be found on the extensive menu, and noodles and dumplings are delicious here. Another speciality being seafood, beef, or vegetarian dishes served in a stone pot.

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Bali-Hai By the Sea

Another Chinese restaurant located within a hotel is the Bali Hai at Siam Bayshore Hotel, located at the southern end of Walking Street. Open only in the evenings from 6 pm to 11 pm, the hotel’s beachside terrace transforms into a barbecue area where diners can enjoy freshly grilled seafood and Chinese cuisine. Prices are very fair considering that this is a great place to watch the world go by and take in the nightlife of Walking Street.

Hungry Panda

This restaurant on Soi Lengkee in central Pattaya specialises in Western-style Chinese cuisine. Although it has dine-in facilities, most business is done by collection or delivery via Lineman, Grab Food and Foodpanda. Lovers of British-style Chinese food adore the menu with favourites such as sweet and sour balls, Barbecue spare ribs, lemon chicken, chow mein, and spring rolls.

Huang Chow – Royal Cantonese cuisine

The Huang Chow is one of eleven restaurants located within the Royal Cliff Hotels Group. Although pricing is at the top end of the scale, food is of the highest quality, with everything freshly prepared to order. The service is magnificent, and the menu extensive, with some dishes having more of a western feel and others more authentically Chinese. The decor is also gorgeous, and this is a wonderfully elegant setting in which to dine.

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Lv Yuan Pattaya Hot Pot

Thappraya Rd is well known for great restaurants, and this, most commonly known as just Hot Pot, is a relatively recent addition to the street. Open from noon when a lunchtime menu is available, and then in the evenings, you can see this restaurant from near or far with bright signage outside. As the name would suggest, Hot Pot soups here are delicious, and the restaurant prides itself on “No MSG and very light use of oil.”

Fortuna Chinese Restaurant

Fortuna Chinese Restaurant is another restaurant on Thappraya road just at the entrance to the popular Jomtien complex. Prices at this restaurant are incredibly reasonable, although currently, dining is only offered at the tables outside. In contrast, the large dining area inside is closed – probably only set to reopen when the Chinese Coach parties return. A vast menu with some real authentic Chinese dishes which might not be to all tastes, there are still many options within the menu for the more faint-hearted such as Singapore noodles, Peking duck with pancakes, and brilliantly priced dim sum.


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