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One of the areas of Pattaya and beyond that people are talking about as regards the future is Na Jomtien and Bang Saray. This region’s advantages determine why it’s praised as a place to invest and live.

First of all, the location is excellent. It has a lot going for it in the way of attractions only 15 to 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. These include clean and sandy beaches, a good selection of restaurants with some of the best fish eateries in the city. There are also waterparks and a variety of really top-quality golf courses.

Bang Saray town itself has a thriving community grown from a charming fishing village surrounding a picturesque pier. There is a well-kept park with trees, lawns, and an extensive children’s play area by the seafront. The road at the front also transforms at the weekend to a street market, plus there are many shops, restaurants, and convenience stores that have sprung up over recent years. You will find scenic beachfront hotels and the Bang Saray Beach club, a trendy ex-pat hangout along the coast.

Lying between Bang Saray and Na Jomtien is Ocean Marina. A beautiful location with manicured lawns, a top-class clubhouse, and restaurant, and of course, the marina itself, filled with sea-going vessels of all shapes and sizes. It is a great place to watch the sun go down and mix with the yachting crowd who gather for a sundowner cocktail or the many events held at this location throughout the year. For anyone who likes the open sea, you can hire boats for the day or longer. The marina is attracting more and more visitors because of a variety of beautiful small islands that are within easy reach for those wanting a change of scenery.

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Directly in front of Ocean Marina on the Sukhumvit highway is the recently opened Map Ta Phut extension. With an investment budget of 17 billion baht for construction and land expropriation, it links the existing Bangkok-Pattaya Motorway M7 to nearby industrial estates and the international airport of U-Tapao. The improvements going ahead at U-Tapao airport will provide a further boost for the area yet.

All the proposed improvements will lead to a significant increase in the number of international flights that the airport will be able to cater for, resulting in more significant numbers and a larger influx of travellers from overseas. Many of these visitors may not want to journey into Pattaya city itself but prefer the convenience of a shorter journey to Na Jomtien and Bang Saray. Countrywide access to internal flights will benefit the domestic market too.

Allied to the airport’s improvements will be the benefits of the investment being ploughed into the area by the EEC, or Eastern Economic Corridor. As a result, significant infrastructure is being improved in the Bang Saray and Najomtien area. Plus, both road and rail connections’ increased convenience will make it a beautiful place for the weekend getaway from Bangkok.

It looks pretty certain that Bang Saray will be a stop on the proposed high-speed rail link out of the capital, and with that in mind, it would not be surprising if Bang Saray/Na Jomtien became “the place to be” at weekends for the Bangkok crowd. With a proposed journey time of under an hour, Bangkokians who may have had enough of the relentless pace of living in the capital could well decide to rearrange their lives and move to the calmer waters permanently.

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This region might well become Thailand’s version of Brighton in the UK, which is no bad thing from an investment standpoint. Na Jomtien already fits into this ideal by making the most of its coastal location with beach clubs, seafront restaurants, and an increasing number of stylish condominium developments. Plus, the exciting news that Icon Siam, one of Thailand’s most prestigious shopping mall developers, is planning to add to their centre on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok with the second one in Na Jomtien.

In the past, some Bangkokians have had, shall we say, a less than flattering opinion of Pattaya itself. Whether this is justified or not is another argument and is a preconception that will surely change, as Pattaya itself does. Right now, though, Bang Saray and Na Jomtien are in the perfect position to take advantage of this. People who like the geographic convenience of the area without wishing to reside in Pattaya itself are already opting for living outside the city centre. Plus, the availability of high-quality housing in the area means that it is perfect for families wishing to put down roots here.

You can still find some exciting property bargains in the area, although this may not last for long. Land and property are already being bought up here for new amenities, including significant hotel chains and shopping malls. It seems investors are latching on to Bang Saray and Na Jomtien’s potential, and this area is set to be a significant draw for people both here and abroad for a long time to come.

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