Jomtien’s revival is a welcome addition

No part of Pattaya or Thailand has been exempt from the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic consequences, and the economic ramifications are there for all to see. However, what is beyond dispute is the effectiveness of the Thai Authorities’ measures in keeping the country relatively Covid-free compared to the rest of the world.

At the moment, we have to examine what this means in terms of lack of tourism and financial hardships. In particular, it is interesting to see how Jomtien has coped, especially when compared to other parts of Pattaya. Compared to other holiday hot spots such as Koh Samui and Phuket, visitors are appalled by the complete closure of areas that were once thriving tourist centres.

Jomtien has fared better after the introduction of homegrown tourism. Unlike tourist areas purely considered “farang hangouts”, Jomtien is popular with Thai holidaymakers who come from Bangkok and elsewhere to enjoy the weekend or the recently introduced long weekends. Even on non-holiday weekends, the restaurants along the beachfront are busy with families enjoying a wide variety of available choices. There is even a play park area on Jomtien beachfront to keep the young ones entertained.

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Jomtien is known as the quieter alternative to Pattaya, and often, that is the case. You won’t find hundreds of bars, clubs or various other venues, but you will discover enough entertainment to interest visitors. Some new live music venues have opened up, and plenty of bars are still available along the beach road and in the streets leading off from it.

What Jomtien certainly does not suffer from is a lack of dining out options. There are international cuisine and plenty of choices, both in the type of food and the price you want to pay. The weekend and holiday periods will always bring the street vendors with their vast array of dishes at cheap prices and fresh fruits brought in straight from the farms for direct sale to the public who stroll by Jomtien beach.

A positive side effect from the enforced absence of tourists for Jomtien Beach is improving the seawater quality and the beaches on which it washes up. It has benefitted the whole of the city and let’s hope the powers that be take this opportunity to continue the process.

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Jomtien may not offer upmarket hotels that some of the other parts of the city do, but you need only travel a little farther into Najomtien to find more five star options. Jomtien has plenty of good quality resort-style developments and accommodation for short-term visitors, making it popular on the numerous Thai bank holidays, including the extra holidays that have been launched by the government to stimulate domestic travel.

The area additionally has many high-quality housing estates, both well established and new-build. You can find delightful properties on well-kept and maintained estates that are no more than a few hundred metres from the seafront. Much like Pratumnak and Cosy Beach, Jomtien has the benefit of several new projects currently being built, which would indicate that the developers who invest in these projects are confident of the future for the area.

The recent sale by Aestier of a genuinely modern state-of-the-art villa for the princely sum of 285 million baht on Dongtan Beach has tempted landowners with plots along this same seafront to rename the area “Millionaire Beach”. The improvements to infrastructure here have been a tremendous success, bringing a Californian, Venice beach vibe to the place.

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Jomtien appears to have benefited more than any other Pattaya area from the stimulus packages that encourage local tourism and bring Bangkok visitors substantial numbers. It has helped bring life back to the beach, which can only be a good thing for local businesses and residents. Despite the current difficulties, Jomtien may well come out the other end of the crisis in a position where it can more than survive but prosper in the future.

There are bargains in the property market at the moment, and Jomtien has its fair share. Anything from a small condo unit right up to top-quality villas, so if you would like to see some beautiful places that are available to be snapped up right now, let Pattaya Prestige Properties show you around.

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