Squash & Badminton in Pattaya

Badminton is a hugely popular sport in Asia with squash forever growing in popularity especially with expats. There are lots of places where you can play either of these two sports with most of the larger hotels and condominiums offering at least one or the other. Usually the preference for which hotel you go and play at will be determined by how close it is to where you live. However, we have highlighted 6 places where you can take part in badminton, squash or both.


Fairtex on North Pattaya Road is a great venue for lots of sporting activities and the same goes for when it comes to badminton or squash. They have 5 badminton courts available along with squash courts. You can ‘pay to play’ but if you are a keen player you may want to join the club which will not only save you money but will also give you access to a range of other activities such as Muay Thai, yoga, tennis and their excellent gym. This is a particular favourite with many people especially those living to the north of the city.

Ambassador Hotel

The sports club at the Ambassador Hotel in Na Jomtien is another popular choice for those who enjoy racket sports. This is considerably cheaper than Fairtex but still have quality court and facilities. With other sports and fitness facilities available it is hardly surprising that those to the southern end of the city find this a great spot. Naturally, being a hotel, plenty of parking is available and the out of town location can make travelling times far shorter.

Horseshoe Point

Horseshoe Point which can be found on Soi Siam Country Club in East Pattaya is a venue that offers a range of sports including both badminton and tennis. This is ideal for those living in East Pattaya and is relatively easy to access from other areas. As numerous sports are on offer and the fact that is located in a more rural area of the city, it is hardly surprising that this is a popular choice although perhaps not to the same degree as the two previous options.

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Euro Badminton

Euro Badminton can be found just off Soi Chaiyaphruek 2 in East Pattaya. Like many of the other options on the list, Euro Badminton has other facilities in addition to just badminton such as a swimming pool and eating area. They are aimed mainly at the Thai market but everyone is made to feel very welcome.

Pattaya Sports Society

Pattaya Sports Society, located on Soi Khao Noi in East Pattaya is the perfect option for those living in the area. Like many of the other options, they offer a range of different activities including badminton as well as having a well-equipped gym and artificial football pitches.

Diamond Badminton

Diamond Badminton can be found just of Pattaya 3rd Road in South Pattaya. As the name would suggest, this is a badminton venue with several courts available. This is popular with Thai nationals although obviously, foreigners are welcome. The fact that it doesn’t open until 2pm makes it less appealing to some people although it is worth noting that the facilities are very good. There is also an area where you can buy refreshments to enjoy before, after or during your game.

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