Top 7 Hotels in Naklua

Naklua combined with the Wongamat Beach area is one of the most popular areas of Pattaya and it is also home to some of the city’s best hotels. You will find everything in the area from low budget guest houses to upmarket 5-star hotels and pretty much everything in between. We look at some of the best options in the area that are certainly at the top end of the market.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

Centara Grand Mirage is one of the best hotels in Pattaya, sitting right at the heart of Wongamat Beach. It has superb facilities and all room have unspoilt sea views. The hotel was renovated a few years ago when it joined the Centara chain and has gone from strength to strength ever since. The spa facilities are often highlighted by expats and being some of the best around. This, when combined with the sublime restaurants, means that it natural heads our list.

Cape Dara

Cape Dara is a modern 5-star hotel that is located at the bottom of Naklua Soi 20. The hotel once has great facilities overlooking their own private beach. Although this is a high-rise hotel it almost has the feel of a boutique hotel and has a friendly and cosy atmosphere. The hotel is popular with Thai nationals travelling down from Bangkok and is frequently used as a wedding venue.

Five star luxury condo at The Cove, next to Cape Dara hotel.

The Pullman

The Pullman is a slightly older beachfront hotel but once again has a 5-star rating. The hotel underwent a major refurbishment around 5 years ago meaning that it now can confidently compete with some of the other surrounding hotels. The beachfront bar is popular with guests along with those visiting for the day and is a great place to unwind and relax. Once again, the spa facilities are highly rated.

Pattaya Modus Beachfront Resort

The Pattaya Modus can be found on Naklua Soi 12 and offers some outstanding views of the Sanctuary of Truth. This is a quieter location so is ideal for those looking to take some much needed R&R. The hotel has some very good facilities including excellent restaurants. If you are thinking about heading out and about and you want a bit of freedom you may want to consider hiring a car or motorbike for the duration of your stay.

A modern 2 bedroom condo with a stunning view at The Palm Wongamat, Naklua.

The Ivory Villa

The Ivory Villa is a small boutique hotel located just off Naklua Soi 16/2. This is a nice setting and within easy walking distance of Wongamat Beach. Naturally, the facilities aren’t of the same quality as some of the other options but it has a very friendly atmosphere and represents excellent value for money.

Woodlands Suites

Woodlands Suites is the sister hotel of the Woodlands Hotel located next door. Situated on Naklua Soi 22, this is a popular venue for business travellers thanks to its closer proximity to Naklua Road. The facilities are very good and the restaurants, you can also use the ones at the Woodlands, are of a very high quality.

Long Beach Hotel

The Long Beach Hotel is an older hotel that is situated on the corner of Soi 16 and Soi 18. This is particularly popular with Russian guests and some very good facilities and restaurants. Even th

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