Top 7 Things For Couples To Do In Pattaya

There are lots of things for everyone to do in Pattaya but some things are aimed more at singles and some at children which we have covered in previous articles. However, there are plenty of things for couples to do that are educational, rewarding and, of course, fun. Pattaya has evolved a great deal over the last decade and is now a great destination for couples to visit. Below are just a few things that you could do with your loved one.

Wat Phra Yai

Pattaya, like many cities in Thailand, has a number of temples all of which are worth visiting. However, the “Big Buddha” which stands 18 metres tall at Wat Phra Yai in Pratamnak is arguably the standout one with stunning views across Pattaya and Jomtien. You will even get some exercise climbing the steps for the last 50 metres!

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is located on Soi 12, Naklua Road and is an ancient looking wooden construction that holds no religious bearing. In actual fact, construction of the Sanctuary only began in 1981 and is expected to take until at least 2025 to complete. This is a very impressive structure that reflects both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs but is intended to have a much deeper spiritual meaning.

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Visit an Orphanage

There are several orphanages around Pattaya but probably the most famous is the Father Ray Foundation that can be found on Sukhumvit Road. You take some small items along for the children such as colouring books and they will be greatly appreciated. This can be a very rewarding day especially if you get play with the children as well.

Khao Chi Chan

Located just outside of Pattaya, close to the Silverlake Vineyard, Khao Chi Chan or Buddha Mountain as it is often referred to is the largest engraving of Buddha in the world. The engraving in the limestone hill was done in 1996 to mark King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s  50 years on the throne.

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Thai Cooking Class

If you and your partner enjoy Thai food and perhaps even a spot of cooking, why not enrol in a Thai cooking class so that you can learn how to create your own Thai dishes? There are a number of schools that can be found across the city. They are all great fun and you will walk away with some new skills that will stay with both of you for life.

Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Elephants a very highly respected in Thai culture and the Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary takes care of animals that have either been abused by previous owners, been orphaned or sustain some form of injury. The animals are free to roam in the park and this is very much an ethical sanctuary for the animals.

Walking Street

Walking Street is now a great place for couples to visit if they want to party the night away. There are some great music bars and nightclubs playing a wide genre of music that caters for all tastes. There are plenty of excellent restaurants too that you can visit to line your stomach prior to a night of partying.


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