Top 8 Boutique Coffee Shops in Pattaya

Coffee is now probably one of the most fashionable drinks in the world, so there is little surprise that Pattaya has an abundance of coffee shops. Of course, you will find Starbucks, Bon Café and Au Bon Café, but in this article, we are focusing on those boutique cafes that offer something different, have more character and are just generally pleasant places to visit and relax.

1. Passion Kaffe

Passion Kaffe is located opposite the bottom of Naklua Soi 18/2 and is a quaint café that is very well decorated. It is in a quiet location, and the premises have plenty of windows from which you can people watch. They have an extensive range of pastries and cakes to complement your coffee, making it a place that you will return to again and again.

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2. La Boulange

Nobody does patisseries quite like the French with their magnificent rich pastries and cakes. La Boulange, located on Pattaya 3rd Road, is undoubtedly no different and the artisan bakery is serving up a superb range of food. They open at 7 am, which makes it perfect for those heading to work. It is very reasonably priced when you consider the quality of the coffee and food available.

3. O’Delices

O’Delices in Jomtien Complex is another of the French cafés. They are again primarily a bakery, but the stand out attraction is the “Salon de The” which serves excellent coffees and pastries “to go”. It is arguably one of the best places in Jomtien if you are searching for good quality coffee to give a kickstart in the morning, or perhaps give you a lift during the day.

4. Rainforest Café

The Rainforest Café is situated at The Village on the Sukhumvit Road, close to the turn for Soi Chaiyapruek. It is an upmarket setting that also has an extensive food menu. It is the perfect place for meeting business clients as it is large enough for you to have some privacy as well as having ample parking for those travelling by car.

5. Mini Café

The Mini Café can be found on Soi LK Metro. As the name suggests, it is a small venue, but it has a friendly and relaxed ambience. It is another great place for people watching and generally relaxing. They stock a small selection of cakes and pastries to enjoy with coffee. The staff are friendly and efficient.

6. Sketch Book Art Café

The Sketch Book Art Café is a unique coffee shop that is on Thappraya Road, close to View Talay 5. It has a very artisan feel and is a friendly and relaxing place which is again large enough to hold business meetings. The décor is excellent, much of which has been done by local artists and all of the furniture is recycled. The food is also of the highest quality.

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7. Jasmin’s Café

Jasmin’s Café is located towards the Pattaya Beach Road end of Pattaya Klang. It is a superbly laid out venue that is well-furnished and certainly doesn’t feel cramped. The large windows at the front mean that you can watch the world go by while enjoying a cappuccino and a pastry. They also have an extensive food menu.

8. Back-Fabrik

Back Fabric is situated on Jomtien 2nd Road and is German bakery and excellent café. Here you can get some delicacies that are slightly more unusual. It is a very pleasant environment and opens at 7 am, making it a perfect stop off before work. The teams are friendly and attentive, so you can relax and catch up on a few emails or watch the world go by.

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