Top 8 Veterinary Clinic in Pattaya

Our pets are important members of our family, so when they are unwell or have an accident we naturally want them to receive the best treatment. Sometimes these situations are emergencies so choosing a vet or Animal Hospital that is close to you is important. There are lots of vets in Pattaya but we have tried to point you in the direction of those that are regarded as the best and located throughout the city.

Pattaya Veterinary Clinic

Pattaya Veterinary Clinic is located on Naklua Road near to the junction with Soi 16/2. This is a highly respected clinic even though it is relatively small. Of course, all household pets are treated here and they are known for using the best medication available which can make them slightly more expensive. However, most people regard this extra expense as being worth it.

Pattaya Animal Hospital

Pattaya Animal Hospital is a little further out of the city than other options on the list being just off the Sukhumvit Road in Na Jomtien. This is an Animal Hospital that is held in high regard and should be considered if your pet is suffering from something a little more serious.

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Thonglor Pet Hospital

Thonglor Pet Hospital is part of Thonglor Group and as such maintains the high standards of the rest of the animal hospitals in the chain. It can be found on the Sukhumvit Road close to the junction with South Pattaya Road. They specialise more cats and dogs rather than smaller or more unusual animals although, of course, they would never be turned away.

BIG Dr. Veterinary Clinic

Big Dr. Veterinary Clinic can be found in East Pattaya close to Soi Siam Country Club. This is a great alternative for those living in the area and need to get some treatment for their pet especially if it is something slightly more minor. The prices charged are very reasonable and the level of care is good.

Siam Country Club Pet Hospital

This is again another popular clinic for those living in the area. As the name would suggest, this can be found just off Soi Siam Country Club in East Pattaya making it convenient for the many expats that live in the area and have pets. Like the other options, the level of care is very good so you can be confident that your pet is in good hands.

Chaiyaphruek Pet Hospital

For those living further to the south of Pattaya and Jomtien, the Chaiyaphruek Pet Hospital could be your vet of choice. They are conveniently located are have sufficient parking meaning it is easier to take your pet there. They have a good reputation both in terms of cost and levels of care.

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Naklua Veterinary Clinic

Located in the heart of Naklua but still on Naklua Road, this is clinic has been trusted by pet owners throughout the years and remains popular to this day. They again specialise more in cats and dogs rather than smaller animals which can be reassuring.

Muang Ake Hospital

Muang Ake Pet Hospital can be found on Sukhumvit Road, close to the turn for Thepprasit Road. They offer something slightly different in the form of huge pet swimming pool which is used for rehabilitation and relaxation purposes.

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