Top 9 Places For English Breakfast in Pattaya

Regardless of what country you are from, most people enjoy a traditional fried breakfast. This may be something that you want every day, particularly if you happen to be English, or it might just be something you want from time to time to help you feel better after a heavy night. Whatever your reason, you can be confident that you can get a good quality English breakfast in many places in the city.

Typically, an English breakfast will comprise of back bacon, English sausage, black pudding, fried egg and baked beans. Often you will also include fried mushrooms, hash browns, sautéed potatoes and bubble and squeak. Of course, other ingredients can be added to suit your own taste.

Retox Bars

There are several options within the Retox chain of bars both in Central Pattaya and East Pattaya. They all have excellent breakfast that can best be described as huge! All the Retox bars offer a Bahtbuster breakfast which is just 99 Baht and is ample for most people. Opting for the smaller option is sensible for anyone who hasn’t eaten there before.

Queen Vic

The Queen Vic on Soi 6 is another popular haunt and again is a superb place for an English breakfast. This is a very typical English breakfast but it tastes great and represents excellent value for money. This will satisfy the largest of appetites!

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Livv Pattaya

Livv Pattaya on Soi Khao Talo is a great option for those living in the area. This is a more upmarket venue but their breakfast is excellent and the staff and friendly and welcoming. This may not be quite as traditional as some of the other options but still a good English breakfast nevertheless.

The Sportsman

The Sportsman on Soi 13 is another of the ‘classics’. Here you always know what you are going to get and that means quality food, great service and value for money. There won’t be many people complaining about the breakfast that they have here!


Hemingway’s frequently gets a mention but it is always fully deserved. Situated close to the Pattaya Prestige Properties office, they offer a large or small English breakfast along with other options including beans on toast and bacon and sausage sandwiches for those who are perhaps feeling a little less hungry. This is a great option if you are in Jomtien as it is on the baht bus route and also has ample parking.

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Pig and Whistle

This has long been a favourite with many expats in Pattaya. Located on Soi 7, you will find a selection of different sized breakfasts available from which you can choose depending on your appetite. Each breakfast comes with a free tea or coffee. For those living in Jomtien, there is also another branch on Thappraya Road where the food is equally as good and perhaps doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves.

Simple Simon’s

Simple Simon’s can be found on Jomtien Soi 5 and opens at 7.30 every morning to suit the early risers. Here you will be able to find another fine example of an English Breakfast. There is a range of 4 versions of their breakfast catering for those who like to keep in small and easy to those who prefer to really tuck into the ‘Full BIG Monty’. Of course, tea or coffee is included and there is even a range of ‘breakfast baps’ to take away if you so desire.


i-rovers on LK Metro is another that offers a simply HUGE breakfast that is great value for money but not for the faint-hearted!

Robin Hood

The Robin Hood at The Avenue shopping centre is another place where you can visit for an excellent breakfast. The breakfast on offer here is slightly different to the others in that it an ‘all you can eat’ buffet breakfast that is just 199 Baht which is not only great value but also excellent quality.

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