What are the risks of renting with Airbnb for a short-term stay?

If you are looking for a short-term rental in Pattaya and by that, we mean less than 30 days, you will no doubt have been bombarded with all the options that are available via Airbnb. Some of these options will no doubt look very appealing, but there are several things that you should consider before you take to plunge and book that luxury condo near to the beach for a few nights.


Short leases in a condo are actually unlawful as almost all condos don’t have hotel licenses. While it is right to say that some condos ignore this rule or merely turn a blind eye, it could put you in an awkward situation with either the authorities or the condo management team. Either way, it is not something that you want to be dealing with on your holiday.

Not properly insured

Anything illegal will always put your insurance at risk, meaning that if your room were to get broken into and items were stolen, your insurance may not payout. Also, any injuries that you sustain at the property are unlikely to be covered by the building’s insurance again putting the emphasis [PL1] on your insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways not to pay claims, so don’t give them an excuse!

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The Juristic Manager may refuse

While we touch upon many condos turning a blind eye, there are lots that don’t. The juristic team are likely to request copies of your passport along with details about the length of your stay. Regardless of your booking being accepted, they still have the power to refuse you entry, meaning that you may have to find an alternative at short notice without any guarantee of a refund.

Little protection

With Airbnb you have little protection should a rental be refused or if there is another problem. The landlord may be out of the country, and the offices are unlikely to offer much assistance. Although you may get a response from the owner, this may not be in a suitable timeframe leaving you with nowhere to stay at the start of your holiday.

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Is it properly managed?

Knowing whether the property is appropriately managed is another problem, especially if the owner is out of the country. Who has the keys for the property so you can get in but equally, who else has the keys? It is far from inconceivable that several agents have keys and could be taking other potential tenants for viewings during your stay. Additionally, is the unit available if several agents are advertising it and are the water and electricity bills paid?

Is it clean?

The last thing you want to be doing after a long flight is moving into a room that has stood empty for several months and isn’t clean. Ideally, you would want the place to be cleaned just before you move in rather than weeks before. Is the bedding clean, or do you need to start cleaning as soon as you move in? These are all things that need careful consideration when you are thinking about the pros and cons of Airbnb.

We would certainly recommend choosing one of the excellent local guesthouses, superb hotels or even condos that do allow short-term legal stays if you are only visiting the city for a limited period.

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