Why you should use a Property Agent?

We’re now in July 2020, in the 6th month of the COVID pandemic, so with more time on our hands due to confinement, it may seem all too tempting to look for property online. Casual surfing on the net can certainly help you get a feel for an area and see what’s available in the property market. However, if you are serious about buying or selling you would do well to engage the services of a professional agent.

People generally agree that certain things should leave to the experts, but when it comes to properties, many believe that they can go it alone, or rely on a friend. If cost is what’s tempting you to exclude professional help, think how costly it could be in the long run to make a mistake yourself or hire an incompetent to work on your behalf, especially when dealing with something as valuable as property.

The Advantages of using a Property Agent

Professional Marketing

Real estate agents know the best and most updated marketing techniques when it comes to selling homes, and they will have access to more listing services than you alone. A professional agent will invest a lot of money in social media, magazines, signboards, and international real-estate platforms and be meeting with potential buyers almost daily.

Local Knowledge

When showcasing your home, a professional estate agent will help to highlight the essential and unique features which they know buyers in the area are looking for when buying a property. They will also know what other properties are available in the area and which have recently sold.

Reduced Stress

Most buyers and sellers want the process to be professional and the transaction to go as smoothly as possible. If your agent is a trained professional, they should have plenty of experience in property transactions and meetings and will help by carrying out accompanied viewings. They can also take the emotion out of the sale by providing objective advice.

Professional Negotiation

It’s also worth remembering that as the commission they receive is a percentage of the sale price agents will have a significant incentive to sell at the correct price. They will be familiar with what is happening in the current market and so can also advise when it might be prudent to accept an offer. It is also a plus for buyers using professional help.

Help with Documentation

Real estate agents know the latest rules and regulations. They will help you with the vast amounts of paperwork involved in property transactions, guide you, and let you know what to be aware of, especially in Thailand. For example, checking that all documentation is correct will save you hours at government facilities such as the Land Office.

Good Communication

Excellent communication is crucial, and you should expect the right level of English language skills, both spoken and written. Individual members of the team may then have other languages: Thai of course, but perhaps also French, German, even Russian, and Chinese. Whatever the local market requires in terms of potential buyers, communication is key to success.

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When Purchasing

A professional agent should ask you questions in your initial meeting. “What is the purpose of your property investment’ for example. If it is for a home rather than financial profit alone, then this may be followed by questions asking you” How you live”. “What is important to you?” Do you require easy access to schools, golf courses, shopping, transport links, etc.?

When Selling

Demanding clients can often make unreasonable demands or behave in inappropriate ways, such as calling you late at night or early in the morning. If you are employing an agent to assist you, then by acting as your “middle man” they can deal with all necessary communication so that you can avoid all the hassle of direct contact.


Choosing a Property Agent

OK so now that you are convinced that you need a property agent how do you go about finding a good one? Here are some tips to help you:


Ask your friends or colleagues if they can recommend an agent they have used successfully.

Check Company Profiles

Have a quick search online, and you can find out quite a bit about agents in your area even before you meet with them. Look at their websites and Facebook pages to check the ones that are most professional and informative. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer and look for agents that have a strong presence in the local press and online.

Old School Investigation

Pick up the phone or email the agent. It will show you how quickly they respond, and then you can decide if you want a face to face meeting. You can also verify that the agent would be interested in coming to visit your property (provided it is not a “standard” unit in a big condo) and to take his professional photos. Then if you feel that you have a rapport with your agent, they will succeed in persuading you that they will be the best at carrying out your wishes, you can look forward to a happy collaboration.

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Working with the Property Agent


Once you have decided on your agent, it is essential to keep in touch to check on progress regularly. Is your property shown prominently in their office window, advertisement, and website? Is it adequately listed with all the features correctly listed and good looking photographs that show it to its best advantage?

Viewings as a Buyer

If you are accompanying an agent to viewings, make sure you fully understand all the arrangements so that there is no delay due to lateness or miscommunication.

Viewings as a Seller

When it comes to displays of your property, you can help by ensuring that it is well presented and scrupulously clean. It will help to turn potential clients into buyers and hopefully lead to a successful transaction.

The team at Pattaya Prestige Properties can meet all your requirements and would love the chance to prove it. If you have a property to list or want to buy one, why not put us to the test?

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