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Many areas of Pattaya are seeing new projects going ahead in preparation for when things return to normal. None more so than Pratumnak that covers the area adjacent to Jomtien and South Pattaya and includes the sois leading off the area locally referred to as Cosy Beach. New condominium developments, hotels, and restaurants have opened or are nearing completion right along the beachfront in this part of the city.

The stretch of beach connecting Jomtien to Pratumnak, known as Dongtan Beach, is hugely popular, especially early in the morning and then again in the late afternoon and evening. Whatever decisions the local planners and politicians have made, developing and improving the beachfront road connecting Jomtien and Pratumnak was good. It has led to a significant increase in the area’s popularity, especially for walkers and joggers. You can also see free exercise classes and beach volleyball along the front as you make your way towards Pratumnak.

In this popular area of Pattaya, you will also see many new projects going ahead. The customers that these will bring have encouraged businesses to invest in the region’s future with new restaurants, stores, and facilities of various kinds. For example, the people behind the Sands condominium and the successful Sands Cafe have shown further faith in the area by investing heavily in a top-quality Sauna, Spa & Beach Club located at Dongtan Beach. It promises to have world-class facilities, and its position on the beachfront means that people can relax, use the attractions that the sauna offers, and spend time by the sea on a section of the beach that is just for them. Serving quality food and refreshments, this is an excellent addition to the city where people can spend the whole day and relax.

Stunning and spacious six-bedroom house for sale in Pratumnak.

Opposite the Sauna is the twenty-five storey “Glory” condominium project. The Centara Hotel is about 50 metres away is being refurbished, ready for its reopening. This five-star hotel with its rooftop pool and top quality restaurants is bound to be a popular attraction for the future.

There are also some significant beach improvements being undertaken along this stretch of Pratumnak beach. Dredgers have been out regularly shovelling sand, improving the quality of the beach. Following the shoreline and continuing along the beach road as it curves, you will come to a gated entrance that is the private dwelling of a Princess. The fact that a member of The Thai Royal Family lives here adds prestige to Pratumnak.

Leaving the beach to travel a little further up the hill on Soi 5, you will come to the thirty-seven storey “Panora”, which is going up at a remarkable rate. Then, carry on up to Pratumak Hill to find the newly opened Has Hotel, and from there, you will pass Buddha Hill with its well-manicured park that is extremely popular right now with runners.

From here, you drop down again to the sea to come to Cosy Beach by descending stairs at either end. The road above this stretch of beach has already been taken up by restaurants and beach bars from one end to the other, affording as it does some marvellous views out to Koh Larn.

On the top of the hill, this tree-bedroom condominium is in perfect condition and beachfront.

Starting at the beautiful and long-established Royal Varuna Yacht Club, you then carry on to a magnificent looking Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Hotel due to open in September 2021. The brand new and rather beautiful blue and white themed Lunar Beach House opposite have plenty of seating indoors and outdoors with fantastic sea views. Then there’s the Three Mermaids restaurant, which is proving to be an excellent spot for Thai ladies mainly due to its significant number of photogenic views. Then the rest of the prime locations are taken up by For Rest By the Sea, the already well established Chocolate Factory and Sky Gallery. From this road overlooking the beach, there are many established condominium developments and yet more to come.

The entire area of Pratumnak is ripe for further development on both the living and entertainment fronts. Full of both hotels and condominium developments, established and brand new, a significant benefit to living here is the picturesque beach and sea views coupled with the convenience of not having to travel into Pattaya city. Pratumnak is sure to continue to develop so that everything the local people want is right on their doorstep, whether they are holidaying or staying for the longer term.

If you would like to see a selection of available properties in this area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Pattaya Prestige Properties team, who will be happy to help.

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